Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hip Hop is Dead

Alright, so here is the problem that I've come up with...

I've been wanting to review a good mixtape and all... but everything I've heard all sounds the same. You know, everybody tryin to be like Lil' Wayne and all that... I'm sick of that fake stuff... give me some real hip hop, for real...

Anybody got any suggestions?


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fried Chicken

Just chillin... gettin some inspiration off of the fried chicken I just had... haha, on some real shit too, that was good. 

In the studio. By the way

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Block Em

Yo... just found out that I get to do a little somethin with a dead nice up and coming artist...

(hint) he was on the cover of XXL in December... haha, I love overthinking...

Wish I had more time to talk but its late and I got stuff to do in the morning...

Stomach aching.

Brush ya Teeth.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Turn My Swag On

What up wit it... I'm just bloggin to avoid doin actual work, haha...

Gotta do a track to that beat or somethin^^^

Been thinkin a lot about expanding... ya know? gettin bigger, goin all global and stuff with a dot com name and stuff... gonna wait til I got some more time on my hands though, probably once I get into April... then I can really focus on this stuff, ya dig? So hop on the bandwagon now while you still got the chance.

I'm watchin my boy on the tv right now haha, what up kid... and I'm givin minimal information on purpose... Funny type shit though...


Anyway, as I've established, this entry has no point. But random thought; Soulja Boy has been starting to grow on me. Like, I'm starting to kinda like some of his shit...

And if I said that like 2 months ago, I woulda stabbed myself in the jaw, for the real. I used to hateeee Soulja Boy. And on the real, his lyrics suck, as does his entire first album. I dunno, some beats ain't bad though. 

Alright, lemme scratch that, I don't like Soulja Boy and I still don't respect him as an artist... he's gettin better though. I won't hate as much...

Alright, got work to do. Wanna do a review or somethin tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Run It

DJ Clue talkin to Chris Brown about some things, including his relationship with Rihanna. Check out the end of the video haha, Chris talkin about the fight a little bit...

So that clears up those rumors about them two getting married, eh? Haha, not sure about Rihanna gettin pregnant though, ya never really know... 

And straight up, lay off Chris about bein soft, aight? I got that man's back, get at me Chris...

~Mr. Bubbles

Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Air

Alright, so I got a lot of heat for some of my older messages talkin about how I was sticking up for Chris Brown on his whole scandal with Rihanna. After reading this, I dunno how I really feel, kind of confused. Chris says he was feeling really pressured and stuff and no doubt he snapped. But I dunno, take a look for yourself, here's the official Search Warrant and Affidavit for the trial:

Damn, I really gotta rethink a whole bunch of things now. Chris went straight up crazy lol... Still though, I got his back, he's probably havin a real rough time right now...
And poor Rihanna too, new rumors says she is pregnant. Ha.
~Mr. Bubbles

Young Money Millionaire 5 (Review)

Okay, so personally I'm not a Lil' Wayne fan. There you go America, I said it. And I don't really care what ya'll think. But out of respect, and because literally everybody I know is a big Wayne fan. Just don't get used to me posting reviews and rants for him, cuz it just ain't happening. So with that being said, I decided I'd make a few people happy and review his new mixtape anyway...

Lil' Wayne- Young Money Millionaire 5
Rating: (3.0/10.0)

So I gotta be a little honest, Lil' Wayne started this on a bad note just because I don't like the dude. And with this mixtape, I was pretty much expecting just typical little Wayne; unoriginal beats, and uncreative lines. And what do ya know, I was pretty right. Except this time he decided to throw a few pieces of shit in the mix too (see "Prom Queen"). So the mixtape has 37 songs on it, which in my opinion is at least 17 songs too many. Especially since half the songs are only around a minute long. Overall, it's just boring and stuff that I just don't want to listen to. Some songs are even painful at times. 
First of all, I want to state that any song on this mixtape where Wayne tries sounding like he is a rock singer, completely sucks. Don't even waste your time listening to them, just take my word for it. And second of all, am I the only person who thinks Lil' Wayne sounds completely annoying most of the time?
If it weren't for some decent guest appearances and one or two catchy beats then I would probably go through this album once and toss it out. 
Okay, so I really like "Every Girl", it is by far the best song on the mixtape, even though Wayne's verse is probably the weakest haha. No lie, I've been playing that one over a few times in the car. So there's some sunshine for ya... On the flip side, Wayne, what the fuck are you tryin to do with that rock shit? Cut it out man. Please... 
Lil' Wayne's "Young Money Millionaire 5" gets a pretty bad score. Not because I hate Lil' Wayne, but because he threw over 30 songs of complete shit on this mixtape and expects people to listen to the same old beats with the same old stupid lines. Not happenin.

Oh, and as a side note, Lil' Wayne talks about shit and toilets wayyy too much. Just saying. Haha.

Skip it. Don't waste your time downloading it or waste any of your money buying it. Just download "Every Girl" if you want a pretty good song, and "Prom Queen" if you wanna torture your eardrums.

Top Tracks:
6. Turn My Swag On (Why is that beat catchy? lol)
7. Every Girl [ft. Young Money]
8. Yes [ft. Pharrell]
11. Blow My Mind

No disrespect to Wayne fans, just not my thing.